Tuesday, July 12, 2011

COLLECTION #8: Toy Clowns

There was nothing that evoked joy and anticipation in a child of the 30s and 40s, as the circus! What today seems quaint and antiquated, was a hugely popular theme that was was woven into children's books, songs, and decor of that era. I have a few cute circus clown toys- everything from handmade beanbag dolls, to Fisher-Price toys, to marionettes. (Click on any of the images for a closer look.)

I never set out to collect circus clown dolls and toys... they just kind of 'fell into my lap' as it happens. In addition to these clown dolls, I also have a variety of other circus toys, books, stories, and other items. I'll feature these in future collection postings. Even yesterday's post about children's music had a cute circus record.

Today's sophisticated Cirque de Soleil just doesn't have the same innocent visual impact as the circus of yesterday. I love the old circus graphics, themes and colors! Here's to the circus!

I almost forgot! I created a layout and
blog entry in honor of my clown collection! You
can find it here!

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