Monday, October 10, 2011

COLLECTION #72: Vintage Children's Magazines

Here are some of my young people's magazines from the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. I love looking at children's magazines of the past:  seeing the illustrations, reading the sweet stories, looking at the vintage advertisements, and catching a glimpse of life in a simpler, less politically correct time, is great fun.

 I have a couple of Boys Life magazines from the mid '40s, a  Children's Friend from the '30s (I actually have a much larger Children's Friend collection which I shall feature down the road), Polly Pigtails, Jack and Jill from the 40s, Humpty Dumpty's from the early '60s, and a fun magazine called '58 For Young New Yorkers. (I have been unable to find any information online about this magazine, if you have seen it before, or know anything, please let me know!)

'58 For Young New Yorkers had more sophisticated articles and stories than the other children's magazines of the era.

I am particularly proud of my Jack and Jill magazine from 1947. The cover was painted by renowned children's artist Leo Politi, who painted the murals in the children's library of my hometown South Pasadena. I have loved his work, read all his books as a child, and felt that he was one of 'our own' local artists.

One of my favorite magazines is "Polly Pigtails". This long-running magazine for girls had stories, articles, and comic pages. It was published by the Parents Magazine Institute. My issue is April 1948.

Humpty Dumpty's Magazine is also a long running children's publication. I illustrated for Humpty Dumpty's for about 10 years off and on, so this magazine is one of my favorites for sentimental reasons.
I hope you enjoy my little collection!

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