Wednesday, October 12, 2011

COLLECTION #74: Vintage Map Kitchen Linens

Sometimes I can't figure out what to call something. My little collection of kitchen linens: tableclothes, tea towels, and aprons, are fun & colorful.  But the ones with maps on them? What do I call them? Map linens? Location cloths? State tablecloths? So I compromised and call them Map Kitchen Linens. I have 3 map tablecloths: 2 of California and 1 of Washington & Oregon. I have a fabulous California apron that looks fresh & new, but is definitely NOT a reproduction. I also have several tea towels- 1 of Arizona (not pictured), one of the Western United States, and one of California (not pictured in the group photo, but shown below)

I use them all the time, and each time I wash them I mourn a little more... they are definitely old, and they fade slightly with each wash. But I think it's more important to use them when I can, than to worry about a little color fade. I hope you enjoy!

2 comments: said...

Great collection. Although, I am going to have to somehow hide this post from my wife or she'll start a new collection. The graphics on these are always really cool.

Nanalulu said...

We sell many reproduction state map tablecloths and towels as well as original state map hankies. We have some repros of some of your styles if anyone is interested