Friday, October 14, 2011

COLLECTION #76: Vintage School Arithmetic Books Part 2

As I have shared in a previous post, I have a few old school arithmetic books. Today's collection is arithmetic workbooks... those large, manilla paged, scary books where no matter how many circus elephants and monkeys they put in, was still arithmetic and numbers and calculations. (shudder) I'm sure not all of you felt the same way as I did about arithmetic, but just looking at that blank page full of long division problems, makes me shake just a little bit.  I admit, though, I was very good at drawing or printing my numbers... they looked lovely. It's just that the answers were often incorrect!

I love the Jolly Numbers book.... what a cute cover! Just makes me smile. Until I open the cover! (Just kidding... I actually loved arithmetic in the first grade!)


NeeNee said...

Wow, you have some amazing stuff! Awesome to take a trip down memory lane with some of these images! said...

Vintage Arithmetic books are great for small clipart artwork. Great collection!

chris7549 said...

Very nice collection bringing back many fond memories. I feel the same way about Math!