Saturday, March 3, 2012

THE WEEKEND COLLECTOR: Coin Collecting Boards

You've all seen those little boards with round slots in them for coin collectors, right? My brother was an avid coin collector back in the '50s, I can still remember his stacks of coin folder albums, with their blue covers, filled with Mercury dimes, Indian Head nickels, pennies, quarters and half dollars. The silver coins really were silver back then, and pennies were worth at least a penny! Although I wasn't a coin collector myself, I did have a few silver dimes and quarters squirreled away.
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David Lange has been a collector of coin collecting boards for many years. He has turned his long-time hobby into a specialty. Not only is he an expert on his particular niche in the coin collecting realm, but he has written a book, entitled: Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s and 1940s.  He has written seven books on coins, and serves as Research Director of NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), and writes a column for the Numismatist, the monthly journal of the American Numismatic Association. David is busy writing a multi-volume series of books on coin folders and albums.

Thanks to David for sharing his board photos with us! You might also enjoy seeing where he stores all of his albums. (Seeing his neat shelves makes me think in my next life,  perhaps I'll collect something small!)


Anonymous said...

Great images. I too was an avid coin collector as a kid and used the Whitman blue coin folders up until the early 1980's. The coin boards seem to predate the invention of the coin folders.

Coin Collecting said...

This Whitman blue coin folder and image looks good. I like all image and thank the board for doing a great job.

Ed Smith said...

Whatever you do, don't be overly concerned about what the coins are worth, collect for the enjoyment. If all you care about is money, collect some nice, sterile slabbed coins that you will never touch.