Friday, March 30, 2012

COLLECTION #197: Vintage Macmillan Readers

Is there any end to my elementary readers? Well, no. I still have lots more! Today's reader collection are the Macmillan Readers from the early 1950s. I have several books from both the 1951-52, and 1957 series. I never tire of looking at these books, and enjoying the simple stories and sweet illustrations.  I will refrain from editorializing about the homogenous ethnic makeup of the children and families in these books, it was a different time, and that doesn't negate the messages and educational value of the books.

I was pleased to see that in one of the books called Tommy Little, which is about a little boy who moves from the farm to the city, there is some teasing and conflict resolution. Tommy doesn't like a little girl who calls him Tommy from a Little Farm. In the book he actually says he doesn't like her! Wow! Pretty controversial for 1951!

Enjoy the pictures and covers of my series of books.

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