Sunday, March 11, 2012

THE WEEKEND COLLECTOR: Texans Incorporated Lamps

Television light, for which Texans Incorporated was famous

I found this fascinating website, Texans Incorporated: The History of a Lamp Company, through Collectors Weekly. Lovingly created by Mark Stevens, it is a wonderful source of history and photos of this amazing, but now sadly closed, lamp company. Located in Central Texas, in the small town of Bangs (which, surprisingly, I spent some time in, in the early '70s), Texans Incorporated seemed to be the epitome of mid-century modern cool meets mid-century pop. Table lamps that were often sleek, and sometimes campy, and television lamps that were always sophisticated and fun, Texans also benefitted from the design talents of the renowned ceramic designer Howard Kron.

I can't tell the story myself, but I can show you some interesting photos from Mark's website. Please check it out, it's well researched, interesting, and a pleasure to look at!

Mid-century catalog page
Texans also produced lamp shades. Here's a rare original lampshade.

Popular, but delicate dancing couple TV lamp

I'm pretty sure this Siamese cat design graced our own TV in the '50s.

Juvenile lamp designs

Howard Kron (r) and colleagues

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