Friday, March 23, 2012

COLLECTION #192: Vintage Heath & Company Readers Part 2

Last Friday I featured my fun 1940s editions of the Heath Reading for Interest elementary readers.  Today, I'm sharing part two, or the 1955 editions of some of the same readers. I only have 6 of these, but they look entirely different. It's funny, the 1940s books have such adorable covers, graphic and colorful. Each one slightly different but with consistent motifs and a unified look. These 1955 books look like they were published by six different publishers! The fonts are all different, the covers were done by different artists, and they have such a different feel. As a designer myself, I'm not sure what they were thinking- but perhaps they just wanted to make each book unique and colorful, and stand alone on its own merit as a book. The insides are much the same as the 1940s editions.

They are fun books, no matter what their covers look like, and I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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Lorri said...

Love these little books, thanks for sharing!