Thursday, March 15, 2012

COLLECTION #186: Vintage Foreign Postcards

Paris! Torino! Algiers! Baghdad! (Ok, University of Chicago via Iraq), Scotland! Romance! Mystery! Puppies! Just a few of my foreign postcards, most from circa World War II. My late Father-in-law Henry served during the war, and a few of these cards are from his files. The others I picked up through the years, I don't actively collect foreign postcards. If I did, I would have a heck of a lot more than seven, that's for sure!  My favorites are the two of Paris... the Eiffel Tower, and the lovely dancers of the Allied Officers Nightclub. Isn't it romantic?

Oui oui, je suis serieux! Regardez les chiennes!

This postcard shows the famous winged bull, representing my husband's Assyrian heritage.

Isn't this fabulous? 

A bonnie postcard if ever I did see one!

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Unknown said...

I have recently come into some old postcards from different countries oh, and I was wondering how I go about finding a collector like yourself to purchase them from me so that I can get a fair price. Any suggestions?