Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'd like to introduce you to the fabulous, amazing collector, Vi Clark. Vi is 100 years old, and collects souvenir spoons. Ms. Clark has a lovely assortment of decorative spoons, from Abu Dhabi to Wales (Sorry, none from Zanzibar!) Her collection tops off at around 70, and includes spoons from more than half of the US states, nearly 20 foreign countries, a score of cities, and such interesting places as the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London and Peggy Sue's Diner in Yermo, California. Vi's first spoon was purchased in her home town of Twin Falls, Idaho in the 1930s, and her most recent spoon is probably one from Italy, brought to her by her granddaughter.

Many of Vi's spoons were purchased in her travels across the US and Europe. She made 3 or 4 trips to Europe and Great Britain from the 1970s to just a few years ago. Many others were purchased by her children and grandchildren or friends, as they picked up spoons for her on their various trips.

By now you might have figured out that Vi Clark is my own sweet Mom. She has her spoon collection prominently displayed in her kitchen in Moorpark, CA. I found the rack for her a few years ago, at an antique mall. The rack she had before only held 48 or so spoons, and she had them spilling out of drawers and cupboards. Even this one isn't big enough, as she has to tuck a few of them on the shelves behind the displayed spoons, or on a nearby baker's rack.  Perhaps someday this collection will hang proudly in my own home, or in the home of one of her grandchildren. Who knows? Mom is still busy enjoying her spoon collection, and I hope she continues to do so for many years to come!

Mom's first spoon.... her home town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Purchased in the 1930s
A later Twin Falls spoon, showing an image of Mom's high school, since demolished.
One of Mom's early spoons, purchased on a trip to Los Angeles in the early 1940s.

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Anonymous said...

My mom also collected spoons, so your post brings back sweet memories of her. When I was a child, she paid me 25¢ a rack to polish them. :-)