Tuesday, March 20, 2012

COLLECTION #189: Toy Chairs

I've often mentioned on this blog, that many of my collections are accidental, or not really collections at all. If someone on the street were to ask me what I collect, I'd probably say vintage toys, school books, and perhaps musical instruments. I don't really think of myself as a collector of postcards, pottery or Depression glass, but I've managed to put together enough of these things to span several days worth of collections. In addition to those categories, I actively add to my vintage Valentine collection, postcards, and vintage table linens. Those are things I love and want to  search out and share. The things I consider accidental are those things that I look at, and say to myself, "Hey! I have a few of those, maybe I should put them in my blog!" but they are not things that I would search out, or deliberately purchase to 'add' to my collection.  They are just there! 
Today's small collection of toy chairs falls into that category. I have a dear friend who does collect toy chairs. I love how she has them on display in her home: she has an entire wall filled with them- not on shelves, but actually attached to the walls. What an adorable grouping! I'm so envious! (I won't even mention her fantastic collection of toy sewing machines and vintage beaded evening bags, two other categories I don't collect!)

So, without further ado, chairs!

Vintage kindergarten school chair, repainted by someone

Fun retro metal doll chair and replica Craftsman style chair

Unfinished chair designed & decorated by me about 10 years ago

Antique rush seat child's chair with replica doll chair

Seat detail

Winnie the Pooh playset chair designed by me for Mattel, Goldilocks chairs from my childhood. You can read all about it here.

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