Wednesday, July 13, 2011

COLLECTION #9: Cobalt Blue Glass

My collections have been looking so visually colorful and busy, I thought it would be a nice break to give our eyes a rest, and see some beautiful, soothing blue. These are some, but not all of my cobalt blue glass pieces, mostly bottles, that I have been accumulating for about 20 years. Not really a big collection, but a few pieces I keep mostly on my kitchen windowsill.

They look lovely with the afternoon light coming through, and the color of blue is just perfect in my mind. The quintessential blue. Deep and rich and clean.


Jen said...

I looove the cobalt glass! It is so beautiful!

m in carolina said...

I love your collections--especially the kitchenware items and the cobalt blue glass, which I have collected myself since I was a teenager, I'm now in my 30s.

I guess I started when my grandmother willed me her blue and white china, Johnson Brother's Coaching Scenes, when I was 13. There were a few pieces that I needed to round out my set, so I spent a lot of time in antique malls as a teen. The cobalt blue glass always caught my eye, so I started collecting it. I have lots of different vases and bottles, but I also love items that I can use.

I had a cobalt blue citrus reamer with a circular handle, but it shattered when I accidentally dropped it while drying it one day. I occasionally used it for juicing lemons, but I mostly kept it on the windowsill above my sink and put my rings and watch in it when I was cooking.

If you ever come across one, I'm looking. Mine was just pressed glass, probably from the 30s, but I paid less than $20 for it.

I don't want to spend a ton on a replacement, but it was one of my favorite pieces along with my Blenko vases--my husband's father and grandfather lived in WV and worked blowing glass, so when Blenko closed, my husband's aunt bought me a beautiful vase that has a pattern that resembles a pineapple, and I already had one of their square water pitchers and a hobnail patterned hand blown serving bowl that my aunt bought me as a wedding present.

Your website is awesome. I love your links to other collectors and your gorgeous photos. I would love to tour your house, it seems like your collections have places of honor instead of piles of "junque" that people hang onto and call "collections".