Wednesday, January 4, 2012

COLLECTION #135: Nancy Drew Mysteries

When I was a little girl, I loved reading Nancy Drew mysteries. They were my introduction to the mystery genre of books, which I still prefer to this day. Reading about Nancy, and her beau Ned, and chums Bess and George, brings back so many happy memories. In a way, these books also transported me to another time, because they were somewhat old-fashioned, and set in a time when popular girls drove roadsters, and wore their skirts below their knees. I read all my sister Lynne's Nancy Drew books, then bought a few of my own, from a more modern edition.

End papers from the 1956 edition

1937 edition

End papers from the 1937 book

I've managed to collect a respectable number of Nancy Drew books, most of them belonged to one young girl, who kept them in pretty good shape. Well, except for writing the number of each book on the spine. And the pages.  These books are all from the 1956 edition.  I also have a nice, old one from 1937, which still has the dust jacket. Just for good measure, I bought a modern reproduction a few years ago, to add to my small collection.

Did you read Nancy Drew mysteries too? (Or maybe you loved the Hardy Boys!) I'd love it if you'd add a comment if you did... it's nice to know that others out there share some of the same happy memories!


Lorell said...

I used to love reading these books. I started in elementary school and read my last ones in middle school, so my interest in them last for a big chunk of my childhood.

It's fun now, because Izzy likes reading them, too. I enjoy sharing this series with her.

Penny said...

I have over 50 of these books, unfortunately some of them are in pretty bad shape! Most were collected when I was a teen, MANY years ago. I have both the "old blue" covers and the newer blue and yellow. I won't give them up till I am dead! LOL I also read and collected the "Brains Benton" series!
Love Penny