Sunday, January 22, 2012


I found an awesome website for postcard collectors. It's amazingly called Postcard Collector! It's a great place for postcard collectors of all kinds to share their cards, discuss different types of cards and collections, and exchange information about sales and shows.  It's fascinating how many different types of postcards there are out there... not just souvenir postcards of different locations, but postcards made from real photos (surprisingly called 'real photo postcards'!), postcard comics, postcards made from wood or leather, naughty postcards, romantic postcards, holiday postcards, postcards about pickles, commercial postcards... there's really no end!

Here are a few images I snagged from their website, I hope you take a few minutes and check out all of the wonderful things you can find on the Postcard Collector!

A lovely collection of vintage ladies
Novelty postcards for every occasion!

A 'real photo' postcard with a mystery... who is that man?

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