Tuesday, January 17, 2012

COLLECTION #144: Old Photos of Children & Their Toys

For Toy Tuesday, I thought it would be fun to share my photos of children playing with their toys. These are photos of people I don't know, folks probably long gone, but remembered through the magic of Kodak. I don't know anything about these photos, some of them are labeled on the back, but there's really not enough information to give us any significant family details. I hope you enjoy looking at them. Click on any of the images for a closer look.

Look at the beautiful smocked dress this little girl is wearing! Love her little toy.
I love these little photos... the one on the top right shows a birthday party and one little girl clutches her doll. The photo below that shows another birthday party, with a little boy & his car.
I believe this is the same little girl as the one at the top, only slightly younger. Love her little doggy toy.
So sweet... a little girl and her stuffed doggie
Another sweet little girl- this one with her sand pail.
I shared these Christmas toy photos in December, these show children and their Christmas toys.
I found these photos all together on a single photo album page. Love this cute little girl with her little doll and stuffed bear. The little trike is pretty cute too!

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