Sunday, January 15, 2012


If you love mid-century modern chairs, and design of all kinds, you will love the website  It's chock full of fun facts, interesting photos, and things you've probably never seen before, such as Charles Eames' oil paintings, building toys (one of my childhood friends owned these cards in the late 1950s, I was in awe), radios, and other fascinating subjects.

For the uninitiated, Charles and Ray (Bernice) Eames were successful and innovative (married) designers and artists in the mid-twentieth century. They are famous for their chair designs, but designed and created a plethora of useful and beautiful household objects and furniture.

The Eames collector website is beautifully designed, and easy to navigate.  Without leaving the homepage, you can easily explore photos, magazine articles, interesting links, and what is called "Eames Moments". You'll definitely want to check it out!

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