Monday, December 19, 2011

COLLECTION #122: Vintage Christmas Records

This is one category that I seriously wish I DID collect... my paltry three Christmas records definitely need a little company. I think I'll start looking for fun, retro Christmas record albums in the future. Perhaps by next year, I'll have a few more to share with you.

But, however many I have, I'll share them with you because there's nothing more fun and colorful than vintage Santa artwork and fun retro images of snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas elves.

The larger record is just so tacky looking, you just have to love it. It's brought to us by "Broadway Records", and the cover says "vocals and orchestra by popular radio and television artists".  It doesn't say who those artists might be. I don't currently have a record player, so there's no telling if Rin Tin Tin is barking out "Away in a Manger", or if it's Bing Crosby crooning "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".  But I'm sure all of the songs are top notch radio and television artists. I just know it!

Actually, if you have eagle eyes, you will realize that I've already shared my Red Raven records here. I also linked a post that has some information about the technology that brought the record graphics to life.

I do love my Red Raven Records. The fun thing about these records, is that each side has a different design, due to the mirror ball the owner of the record presumably has. I took a photo of each side of my two records so you can feast your eyes on the cute vintage artwork.

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Amy Utter said...

I have a bunch of Red Raven records and a new mirror. Just can't seem to let them go.