Monday, December 26, 2011

COLLECTION #128: Antique Hymn Books

I have several old hymnbooks from various churches and church groups. My friend Robin gave me a very old hymnbook from her family, and it's my oldest and most treasured one.  It's called the Sabbath Bell, and if my memory of Roman numerals is accurate, the copyright date is 1857. One of her family members documented the provenance of this book, and it's fascinating to see how the book was passed down from generation to generation.

A couple of these books were in my family for a few generations too. The Deseret Songs is an LDS hymnbook that belonged to my Grandfather Clark. It was copyright 1909.  I also found the MIA Sociability Songs in my Grandpa's things.. this was a soft bound book that was used by the youth of the church for their non-religious activities. There's no copyright date on it, but it looks to be the 1920s.

I've acquired a few other religious song books through the years, including the Hymns of Praise, published by the Hope Publishing Co. dated 1922. There are also a couple of other church song booklets: New Songs of a Christian Number Two, published by Von Kampen Press in 1947, and Hymns for Christian Youth, published by Society of Christian Endeavor in 1927.


Inessa Stewart said...

Hey there!this is a great collection.Aimless and pointless you say. From an outsider's perspective its well, a catch!:)Have a great year ahead.

Jenny said...

I've been browsing your collections, so fun! I have my mother's collection of old hymn books & choir books. When I was growing up she used to sit & sing through them, she knew pretty much every song by heart but she'd go through the book singing.

They are a treasure to me.

Valerie Phillips said...

I found an MIA Sociability Songs book in my family sheet music. Your blog is the only place I've found that mentions this book. There's no date on it, but it says "Metropolis Ward" so I'm guessing it was when my mom was a teenager in Metropolis, Nevada in the 1920s. Does yours say New Revised Edition as mine does? I'd really like to. E able to figure out when it was published.