Wednesday, December 28, 2011

COLLECTION #130: Vintage Children's Board Games

I have quite a few games in my vast collections, and a number of children's games, or 'kiddie games', as they are sometimes called. Designed for the young folks, these games were usually simpler and more colorful than adult board games, and often had a theme or license of comic book, movie, toy, book, television show, or other entertainment or pop culture icon. It's fun to find these old games, and learn more about what was popular or trendy in each generation.  The ones I have are generally more 'universal' or traditional... I don't really have many games that are the most popular character licenses like Disney, Barbie, or the 'hot' television shows of the era (except perhaps my TV game show games, as shown here). I love the fact that my games are so sweet: Candy Land (literally), Winnie the Pooh, Raggedy Ann, Uncle Wiggily. Even Pollyanna was sweet... her famous 'Glad Club', was full of sweetness and light.  The Candy Land, Raggedy Ann, Pix Pix, and Winnie the Pooh games are from the 1950s, the Pollyanna game is from 1940, and the Uncle Wiggily game is from 1949. They are from Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and Whitman Publishing.

The Pix Pix Pick Up Sticks game  (A Hunting We Will Go) was featured in an earlier post, so I won't show any photos of it in today's collection, but since it's a children's game, I did add it to the group photos.

Most of my children's games were long-running games, and had a multitude of editions and covers. The Candy Land game is still popular today, but has undergone quite a face-lift and modernization. Pollyanna and Raggedy Ann are long gone, but I'm sure you can find a modern Winnie the Pooh and Uncle Wiggily game if you look hard enough.
I hope you enjoy my collection of children's board games!

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