Wednesday, September 14, 2011

COLLECTION #54: Lapis Jewelry

It all started with King Tut. In early 1978, I visited the King Tut exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and was mesmerized by the stunning decorative accessories, jewelry, and sculpture. Much of it was decorated with lapis lazuli, a lovely blue marble-like stone from Asia.  At the time, I was recently engaged, and busy designing my own engagement ring. I loved signet rings, and so, with the inspiration from King Tut's Tomb, we purchased a lovely lapis stone, and I designed a ring around this stone.

From King Tut's Tomb
From King Tut's Tomb

My wedding ring, designed by me, 1978

After Bruce and I were married, acquiring lapis jewelry became an ongoing tradition- usually bought for an anniversary, birthday, or on a special vacation, my collection of lapis (and silver) jewelry has grown.  I have probably bought twice as many pairs of earrings as I have shown here, I've lost so many earrings through the years, but a few of those 'singles' I've kept for the sentimental value.

My most recent acquisition was the necklace in the center in the photo below. Bruce bought it for me for our 33rd anniversary this past July, in Ventura Harbor, California.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Such pretty jewelry. What a great idea and makes it easier for Bruce to buy you gifts of jewelry. I saw the King Tut Exhibit about the same time you did but it was in San Francisco. I still have a book about it.

Meadow Walk said...

What gorgeous pieces!