Thursday, September 29, 2011

COLLECTION #65: Elbert Hubbard Books

 Not to be confused with my Roycroft book collection, these books are specifically about Elbert Hubbard, or are compilations of his writings and ideas. Some are published by the Roycroft, and others by other publishers.

If you don't know who Elbert Hubbard was, I'll give you the quick Wickepedia biography: Elbert Green Hubbard was born June 19, 1856 and raised in Hudson, IL. He founded the Roycroft Artisan Community in East Aurora, New York in 1895, which was an influential exponent of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Among his many publications were the nine-volume work Little Journeys, and the short story, A Message to Garcia.  He and his wife Alice Moore Hubbard died aboard the RMS Lusitania which was sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland on May 7, 1915.

My collection of Elbert Hubbard Scrapbooks and writings varies from a fine soft-leather cover published by the Roycroft, to an inexpensive version printed by the Brigham University Press in the mid 1970s.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we became interested in Roycroft books when we were living in East Aurora, when I worked for Fisher-Price. We've found most of these books since we left the area, and they continue to be a link between us and a lovely place and time in our lives.

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