Monday, September 19, 2011

COLLECTION #57: Mexicana!

I love my Mexicana collection.... those fun, vintage south of the border items that were oh-so-popular in the 1940s. Somewhat kitschy, and possibly politically incorrect, they are fun, colorful, and evocative of an era when anything from Mexico or other Latin American countries was particularly exotic and romantic.

It's hard to showcase this collection with just a few photos, there are items I have that will probably have to carry over into another category or two of collecting,  (like my Mexican linen collection).

I love the fun Sombrero Man & Woman book ends. What sets these apart is that their hats are hinged, and there is a deep hole for storing I'm not sure what? Matches? Cigarettes? Coins? Contraband?  I picked them up for a couple of bucks at a yard sale when we lived in Western New York. I guess these items aren't as popular on the East Coast as they are on the West.

The dolls are cute too, my favorite is the chubby man doll with his little moustache and baby face. Of course, the imagery is totally stereotypical. The sleeping Mexican man with the big sombrero, the donkey, the oxcart, the lovely Mexican lady with her clicking castanets. (Were castanets even from Mexico? I'd better study my Mexican culture!)

This little guidbook on the left is from the California Pacific International Exhibition that was held in San Diego in 1935 .  It was held in the lovely Balboa Park, and many of the gorgeous museum and exhibition buildings are still there.

 I hope you enjoy my little Mexicana collection as much as I do!

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