Tuesday, September 13, 2011

COLLECTION #53: Toy Robots!

It's Toy Tuesday once again! Here's my little collection of toy robots, looking cute and colorful!  I thought my collection was pretty much complete when I shot these photos a few weeks ago, but over the weekend while we were visiting our kids in Texas, our son & daughter-in-law presented me with this adorable girl robot as a belated birthday gift. I never had a girl robot before, and I think she's mighty cute.

I like to add them to my scrapbook & digital illustrations- I think someone said they are my signature, so that's what they will be. My signature!  I once did a calendar for our daughter Annie, using funny photos of my robots. I'll have to add a few creative things I've done with my robots to this post!

Robot illustration I did for the birth of my grand nephew Jace, born last December. Illustrations below from a calendar I created for my daughter Annie, 2008.  Click on any photo for a closer view.

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Jennwhite said...

I just found this blog, you are more and more amazing! LOVE THE ROBOTS! I am terribly jealous. I used to have a nice collection of windup toys (not vintage) that got lost in a move and have only recently started building it back up. Thanks for the inspiration, I will be on the lookout for robots from now on!