Friday, September 30, 2011

COLLECTION #66: Vintage School Spelling Books

 "I before E except after C, unless the sound is A, as in 'neighbor' or 'weigh' ". 
I still recite this little rule to myself when trying to remember how to spell certain words. Spelling was always a pretty good subject for me, and I loved getting those 100% grades on my spelling tests. (I recently came across a letter I sent to my Mom when she was visiting her sister, when I was in about the third grade. My obviously false memory that I was a great speller was hopelessly dashed...although not atrocious, I misspelled at least five words in that short little note).

This is my collection of spelling books. I love my nearly-complete selection of Madden & Carlson "Success in Spelling" books. They even go up through the 8th grade. Back in the 40s and 50s when these were printed, many elementary schools went up through the 8th grade.
It's also fun to see the fun exercises, stories and quizzes to help with spelling. Fanciful illustrations and covers helped make the tedium of correct spelling a little more enjoyable. I hope you enjoy my little collection. And don't let me catch you mixing up those "I"s and "E"s!

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these are so cool!