Friday, January 13, 2012

COLLECTION #142: Alice and Jerry Readers

I've written about my Dick and Jane readers. I've blogged about Bob and Judy. I've discussed Billy and Jane.  These are all wonderful books, with adorable illustrations and sweet stories for school children of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.  But of all my vintage school readers, my absolute favorites are the Alice and Jerry books. Illustrated double-handedly by sisters Florence and Margaret Hoopes in the 1930s, these books are beyond adorable. They are just perfection. These talented ladies, who illustrated dozens of school readers, as well as other children's books, could draw and paint about anything. Animals, sweet-faced children, adults, cars, (not so easy!), houses, and landscapes. Their colors are yummy, their design sense- impeccable, their rendering skills are first rate. The Alice and Jerry readers were published by the Row, Peterson and Company.

Late '40s, early '50s editions
Two editions of Here and There- from the late '30s and early '40s.

Two of the pre-primers, early 1950s edition
I took so many photos of their books, I think I'll just post them and let you enjoy the superb work of these talented ladies. They are both long gone, but their artistic legacy remains.  Click on any of the images for a closer look.

Late 1950s editions of the Alice and Jerry books... fantastic book design. Modern yet nostalgic.

Could this be any cuter?

Late 1930s version of Here and There.

This is Skip Along, one of the earliest pre-primers. It uses rebuses in place of some of the harder words.


Gwen Dixon said...

What memories these readers evoke! I was a child of the '50s. Entered the first grade in 1956 in a little 6-room country school in rural North Florida. Our readers were Alice and Jerry and Jip. We all knew that "Jip" meant a mixed breed female dog, not sure about their Jip, though. I can still smell the modeling clay, new crayons and the sawdust the janitor sprinkled on the floors before he swept to hold down the dust. Thank you so much for posting these. I never knew who Dick and Jane were until I grew up.

Lori Smith said...


I would be interested in purchasing this set of books. Please contact me.



DKD said...

I am trying to remember a childhood reader book (Dick and Jane? Alice and Jerry?) in which there is a story about the girl heroine having a doll and the doll could walk and talk. Can you help me identify exactly what story I am trying to remember? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Alice, Jerry and Jip. I went through the 1st grade in Oregon and that's when my love for these books started. I have a large collection which I dearly love. Thank you for your page.

Anonymous said...

I love Alice and Jerry readers and am also a collector. I learned how to read from Through the Green Gate in the 1950s before I ever went to school. I have lots of duplicates but can not bear to part with any of them.

Deborah said...

I love Alice and Jerry, went to school at Hickory Flat in Canton, Ga. I have been collecting these books for several years now. Does anyone have the first two books,Here We Go and Over The Wall? If so please post here.

Melissa Krull said...

I have "the Companion book to Rides and Slides"

Melissa Krull said...

I have "the Companion book to Rides and Slides"

Deb in Ga said...

Melissa, would you be willing to sell? If so how much?

Anonymous said...

I love these books. Many memories of teachers using them to supplement the newer Dick and Jane books.

Deb in Ga said...

If anyone has any Alice and Jerry books for sale please email me at with name of books and prices. Thank you.