Friday, November 25, 2011

COLLECTION #106: Bob and Judy Readers

 As I have mentioned in earlier posts, many textbook publishing companies competed with the Dick and Jane Readers of the 1940s, and Lyons and Carnahan Publishing Company was no exception. Lyons & Carnahan published many wonderful, high quality and interesting readers, health books, and social studies books throughout the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.  The heroes of their early reader books were Bob and Judy, two adorable siblings. Bob was the big brother, with a shock of dark hair. He was sturdy, athletic, and responsible. Judy was the little sister: curly blonde hair, and was adventurous and sweet. The green books above were all printed in the late '30s.

I have a number of books from Lyons & Carnahan's Guidance in Reading Series and Basic Reading Program. Many of these publishers had more than one reading series of books... some were basic readers, others were advanced, and others for children who needed extra help in reading. Each of these reading series had a different name, and I really haven't been able to find out too much about the different series and what makes them different. I have an almost complete set of these books, all that's missing is the fifth grade reader.

I also have a couple of later editions of two of the books. The insides are identical, only the covers have been changed. The later ones were published in the early '40s.

I love the end papers of each of these books... they are all different. I have a few photos of some of these to show you:

Here are some other illustrations:

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Brian PaperSponge said...

Absolutely beautiful series. The cover designs are unrivaled!