Wednesday, November 30, 2011

COLLECTION #109: Souvenir Books from California

Some fun items from my ephemera collection, these are all from California.

The oldest is the brochure from San Francisco, published in 1914. It's hard to believe from seeing all of the beautiful buildings, that this was only 8 years after the devistating earthquake of 1906.

I have two booklets from Knotts Berry Farm. The older of the two was published in the 1940s, and the later one is from the late '50s. The funny thing about Knotts, is that I never visited there until I was married. The reason for that was because I was such a Disneyland loyalist, I refused to "waste" my time at Knotts. Actually, Knott's Berry Farm is a lot of fun and I've enjoyed my few visits.

The Los Angeles Farmer's Market is an LA institution. It was establishes as a real farmers market in 1933, and has morphed into a wonderful place to eat, shop, sightsee and just browse. It hasn't lost any of its charm or ambiance.
My souvenir from Farmer's Market was published in the mid-'40s.

 My book from Disneyland was published in the mid-60s. It's fun to read about the 'new' rides near completion- Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion.

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Brian PaperSponge said...

I really like the souvenir books that have layouts featuring postcards. The colors are always so crisp and clean. They aren't that easy to come by.