Thursday, November 10, 2011

COLLECTION #95: Vintage Parker Brothers Card Games

Some of Parker Brothers' most famous and long-running card games are in my game collection. Although "the Comical Game of Who" is long since gone, the others are still in production.  These are all 'card games', not to be confused with face card games. They usually consist of questions, quizzes, and stunts that are contained on each card, and were designed for adults or older children. It was inexpensive and convenient to have such card games in the home, because they could be set up and played easily, with no extra parts, pieces, markers, dice, spinners, etc. Just a sheet (or booklet) of instructions. Easy peasy!

The Comical Game of Who is from around 1910, the others are the 1930s or 1940s editions. I love how Parker Brothers used red in nearly every game.. there's nothing like smart marketing and eye-catching graphics to sell products.

Some of the cards from the various games.
Instructions for each game. Note the game of Rook is an entire booklet, there are many versions and ways to play Rook.
Smart marketing- mastered by Parker Brothers, the "cross-sell' inside touted many of the other games in the Parker Brothers line.

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Chris said...

I would be in heaven visiting your house, Steff. All these treasures you have are delightful, and I'm also learning a lot. Thanks