Tuesday, November 22, 2011

COLLECTION #103: Vintage Tin Toy Dishes

When most of us Baby Boomers think of Ohio Art, Etch-a-Sketch might come to mind. But the Ohio Art Company made more than Etch-a-Sketch. In fact, Ohio Art is one of the oldest toy companies in the United States, and they are still going strong. They were founded in 1908, and were the largest tin-litho company in the US. They started making tin toy dishes before 1920, and continued making tin toys through the 1980s and later. Some of the wonderful tin litho toys Ohio Art made through the years were sand pails, tops, Chinese Checkers games, drums, globes, wagons, and lunch boxes. (And dozens more!)

This little collection of tin dishes were most certainly all by Ohio Art (It's possible the silver/tin ones were not).  I have only been able to find the Red Riding Hood set in their collectors book, but not all the designs are listed there.  The Red Riding Hood set is from the 1960s, and the other dishes are all from the 1950s. The little strawberry cups, and the silver tin plates were all mine as a child. I love the little 'Three Little Kittens" relief design on the plates!  The cherry trays are also unidentified, but I have had them for many years. I love the rusty, 'modern' design plate with the turkey on it.. maybe I'll use it on Thanksgiving!

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