Monday, November 14, 2011

COLLECTION #97: Blue & White Phoenix Pattern Dishes

I recently acquired these cute phoenix pattern china pieces. I've been unsuccessful in finding out the actual name of the pattern or anything about it, so if you know, let ME know! The critter on the pattern appears to be a phoenix- the legendary bird that rises from the ashes. They are from Japan, and each one seems to be from a different manufacturer, as the marks are all slightly different. Since this is more of a fun, sharing kind of blog, and not a technical, or value-based site, I'll not bore you with the different marks.

Last month my sister Leslie came to town from Chicago where she lives, to attend her 50 year high school reunion. She had long been close to the Mom of one of her high school guy friends. Through the years, when Leslie would come and visit, Mrs. Earnshaw would share with Les her latest treasures: her collection of china pitchers. Some old, some new. Leslie shares this love of pitchers, and so when Mrs. Earnshaw passed away recently, she left her collection to Leslie. Les couldn't carry them all back to Chicago with her, so she picked her absolute favorites, and Mom, my other sister Lynne and I divided up the rest. These are the cute little pieces I ended up with, and I just love them.  It's fun to have a new collection of anything, even if it becomes just a part of a larger collection, like my blue and white china.


Anonymous said...

I've the same pieces. They are called "transferware". a pattern is made and then transferred to the ceramic. They were made in occupied Japan. Method developed in England and used by Staffordshire pottery. Phoenix and the Flying Dragon are names I've read for the patterns. I love them too. I have the same little pitchers and sugar bowl and eggcups too. I also have a couple of saucers. I have two sets of salt & Pepper shakers.

Anonymous said...

Because I love blue and white disches, I loved the pictures of your collection. I googled and came across:

I thought you'd find that interesting although there is a good chance you had already seen it.