Tuesday, November 8, 2011

COLLECTION #93: Toy Musical Instruments

I have lots of musical instruments in my home, and a few of them are toys. (I also have some small versions of a few instruments, but I don't consider them toys). These little instruments are quite colorful and cute, and they all really work.  The little xylophone is quite old (probably pre-1920) and is from Germany. I bought it about 40 years ago, and was one of my first 'antique' purchases.  I love the little tin ukulele, and my two accordions. ( I actually have a third, that's packed away in the garage, I'll have to dig it out and photograph it later.)

The most unusual of my instrument is the Magnus toy bagpipe! Can you imagine? It's from the early 1950s, and when I did a quick search online about it, discovered that it's actually quite rare and sought after. By whom, I'm not sure! But I love the graphics on the package, and was fascinated to read a little bit about the Magnus Company, and how the bagpipe was made.   Magnus made toy harmonicas and accordions too, and the little gray accordion is also by Magnus.

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Playmobil said...

Your collection was really great. Musical toy instrument was one of the most dreamed toy of many kids. Music completes their days. It makes them feel well like in a heaven. Maybe someday you can pass that to your children or even grandchildren.