Thursday, November 3, 2011

COLLECTION #90: Vintage Watches

For those of you who have been reading this bog, you know that I have a lot of 'stuff', but not much valuable 'stuff'. I LOVE old watches. I love to look at the display cases in my favorite antique stores and see the rows of gold pocketwatches with their ornate scrolls and fancy numerals, and the retro wrist watches with the cool art deco watch faces. Alas, these are all beyond my budget. But I do have a few random watch faces, a very inexpensive pocket watch, and two fine children's watches- Roy Rogers and Cinderella. Although particular one wasn't my childhood watch, I had a similar one- Alice in Wonderland, that  came in a little plastic teacup. This model came in a little 'crystal' slipper.  The Roy Rogers watch is, what can I say? Awesome!

Two of the other watches  belonged to my Dad and Grandpa. I've had them forever, and have occasionally put a watchband on, and worn them as a bracelet. They no longer run, but the styling is so fun.

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