Sunday, November 27, 2011


Not exactly a 'collector's website',  but in the spirit of sharing cool stuff, I bring to you today, Plan 59. This is an amazing website and blog which features commercial art and photography from mid-century America. I generally don't feature websites and blogs which are primarily for selling, but I'm making an exception here, because Plan 59 is more like a gallery or museum, and each page is so amazing and cool, I thought you would love to see it.

Plan 59 is divided up into a number of categories, including Cars, Old Ads, Decor, Xmas, and More?  In the 'More?' section, they also have a gallery of particularly demonic children and unappetizing food photos which you will love!

 Here are a few from the Christmas category. Lots of wonderful ads in there:

Fun Christmas ads from the 50s.
I LOVE the design of this one! Awesome! And sexist!

Plan 59 also has a blog called Pastelogram, which gives more detailed information about the different works of art, ads and photos.

Of course, the big feature of Plan 59 is their high quality prints available for purchase.  Just as soon as I find one or more that will fit into my decidedly non-mid-century home, I will buy one. Or more!  The prices are reasonable, and the quality looks wonderful!

In honor of 'Cyber Monday', I give you the 1950s version of future internet shopping!

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