Monday, April 2, 2012

COLLECTION #198: Stuffed Easter Bunnies

I love Easter! I love everything about it, especially the true meaning of Easter: the celebration of the Resurrection of the Savior and our promise of eternal life. I have happy memories of my own Easters past: wearing Easter bonnets and gloves to church when I was a little girl, coloring Easter eggs- both as a child, and with my own children, Easter egg hunts, eating all of those Easter goodies from my Easter basket, and playing with the little fuzzy chicks that were often found hiding in the Easter grass. I was baptized into my Church two days before Easter in 1959, and confirmed on Easter Sunday that year. I remember it so well, including the beautiful Easter dress I wore with the brown velvet sash.

So, this week, in honor of Easter coming up on Sunday, I'll be sharing my various Easter collections. Not so big as my Christmas or Valentine's stuff, but still, some fun things both vintage and newer.
Tiny little faux stuffed bunny, and a small Steiff bunny from the 1970s or '80s.
This is my cute Easter Bunny collection. I should say 'stuffed bunnies', because I have other Easter Bunnies, which I'll share with you during the week. These bunnies do not include the boxes full of old Easter Bunnies we've given our kids through the years. These are just my own bunnies, old and new, that I love.

I love Mitchell with a Twitchell, and Cousin Ben. So cute!
As a toy designer, I'm always looking for new materials, interesting styles, and fun characters to inspire me. Some of these bunnies were purchased for that very reason- they looked cute in my studio!
I love the plush on the bunny on the right... with it's fine, stringy surface.

This cute li'l guy above is my own creation. I made him long before I became a toy designer, I believe he was made even before we were married in 1978. I was into making little 2D felt characters in those days: Christmas decorations, even a couple of dolls. This bunny used to be snowy white, but the felt has turned the color of tea stain, and he's looking a little worn. But I still love him, and keep him up year 'round.

Don't the bunnies look fabulous in the vintage basket?

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