Tuesday, April 10, 2012

COLLECTION #204: Vintage Child's Kitchen Cabinets

It's Toy Tuesday! Today's collection consists of four adorable little girl's tin kitchen cabinets. They were all made by Wolverine. I believe that 3 of them are from the '50s, and the other is from the '40s.  The large wood-tone cabinet was my own as a child, as I recall, I got it for Christmas in about 1957 or so. I wish it were in better condition... I rescued it from my parent's attic in 1979 when a tree fell on their roof and heavily damaged the house. It happened in the middle of a rainstorm, and I was lucky it didn't get squished. (I also rescued my pink Wolverine toy refrigerator, sink, and stove- but those are for another collection!)

My favorite is the large cream and red one. That's the one I think might be from the 1940s, but I haven't been able to verify it. But the style is a bit older looking than the others. It's also interesting that the two smaller ones used the exact same molds and patterns, just different colors and decoration. But it makes them look totally different. My smaller red and white one is in really excellent condition, except for a couple of stains in the metal, it looks really nice. The small 'wood' one is quite rusty. Doesn't matter, they are treasures to me!

I remember  so clearly how I would line all my toy dishes up on my shelves: I loved the cute lacy doily design on the metal, and I would put my tin cups on them 'just so'. I still have a lot of these little dishes, you can see them here.

I keep these cabinets up on my toy display shelves, and use them as a great prop for my toy dishes, kitchen utensils, and dolls.

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LivingVintage said...

I LOVE children's cabinets and have one that I display miniature graniteware on in my mudroom.