Friday, April 27, 2012

COLLECTION #217: Vintage Schoolbooks About Our American Neighbors

Growing up in the US, we spent at least a year in elementary school learning about our American neighbors, primarily Mexico, Central and South America. When I was young, this was in the sixth grade, and I well remember the salt dough map I made of the South American continent.

These books are all from that same approximate grade level. Lots of interesting facts about Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, especially about their customs, climate, and products. As is often the case, the older books seemed to be a bit more interesting and exotic. I love my copy of "An American Family Visits the Americas". It is full of wonderful black and white, and full color illustrations of the people and cultures of Latin America. It was published in 1942.

I even have a fun Social Studies book from Mexico, called, Continente Americano: Metodo Objectivo. I couldn't find a copyright date, but it looks like the 1950s, early '60s.

There's only one book about Canada in my collection. I remember learning about Canada in grade school, and memorizing the provinces and capitals. I don't recall if we actually had an entire book about Canada or not. (Having traveled to Canada several times, I can tell you, it is just as fascinating as Argentina or Bolivia!)

Two small songbooks round out my collection. I remember how much fun it was to learn to sing in Spanish!

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