Sunday, April 22, 2012


I became interested in the Roycroft- (a community of artisans following the Arts & Crafts style of design in East Aurora, NY in the early years of the 20th century), when our family lived in East Aurora in the 1990s. The Roycroft influence was everywhere, and it wasn't hard to fall in love with the contemporary pieces, created by craftsmen working in the arts and crafts style, as well as the authentic Roycroft pieces we would see locally. Growing up in the Pasadena area, where the Craftsman style in architecture and design is prevalent, I've had a deep love of the simple, organic, and functionally decorative style of the Arts & Crafts movement my whole life.

Although Bruce and I love all things Roycroft, the only things we have actually been able to afford are many of the books- both fine leather tooled books, and the more mass-produced publications. I've featured several collections of Roycroft and Elbert Hubbard books here on my blog. (Elbert Hubbard was the founder, and philosophical leader of the Roycroft movement).

This interesting website called Roycroft Copper, belongs to Roycroft collector David Kornacki. He fills his pages with a variety of hand-tooled copper pieces, everything from lamps, to bookends, to vases, to cigarette cases. I'll post a few photos here, and hope you check out his fascinating website, and also his Facebook page. These beautiful pieces, created by a variety of Roycroft artisans, were created from approximately 1902-1928, with the "Golden Years" being 1921-1928. You can find an informative timeline on David's website. Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

spelled David Kornacki

Thanks for the plug!

Regards, Dave

Stefanie Eskander said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I corrected it! (I hate it when people misspell my name, too!)