Wednesday, April 18, 2012

COLLECTION #210: Vintage 1941 Los Angeles City Directory

It's "Orphan Wednesday" again! That memorable day every week, when I feature one singular item from my vast collection archives! Today's fabulously fascinating item is a copy of the 1941 Los Angeles City Directory. Not a phone book, the city directory was a like a phone book, except for one thing. I did not contain phone numbers. Well, except for business phone numbers, which were included in the yellow pages and advertising sections. I acquired this a few years ago at a book sale at the South Pasadena Public Library. I've loved it ever since!

Very recently, the 1940 US census was released, which is a very exciting event for family historians and genealogists. Unfortunately, it is not yet indexed, which means you can search for relatives or others based on street addresses and enumeration districts, but not yet by name. (This will be rolled out in the coming months as indexers complete the lengthy process). So, for those looking for their Los Angeles relatives in 1940, this would be an awesome tool, giving names, addresses and occupation, and even home ownership.  This book came out in late 1940, so would have been the first city directory after the 1940 census.

But of course, living in Los Angeles means searching for more than relatives. (My own grandparents moved to Los Angeles in 1941, but obviously after this directory was compiled, as they aren't found here).  It's fun to search for celebrities, movie stars and moguls, and other interesting people. I've found a few today that I will share with you! How fun!

By the way, if any of my readers have family that lived in Los Angeles (not the suburbs), and would like me to check the book for a listing, please leave me a message, and I'll be happy to look them up.

 I hope you enjoy!

In the center of the page you can see the residence and business for Cecil B. DeMille

Listing for Charlie Chaplin & his studio

The famous movie star Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen Cansino. She learned to dance from her father, who taught latin dance. Here's a listing for her dad, Eduardo Cansino, and other
family members who taught dance in Los Angeles.

In the center left, you can find famous actor Jimmy Durante and his wife.

Famous actor William Holden was born William (Bill) Beedle, Jr. Here's a listing for his father, William F. Beedle

Two important businesses in Los Angeles, dear to my family's heart. The Globe A-1 Globe Mills is one of my Dad's major customers in his career as a grain broker. The Automobile Club of Southern California is the father of the modern AAA.

Don't you love the name of this business? 


Tim Williams said...

I am trying to find who lived at 718 San Fernando Road Burbank California in May of 1941. I know his first name is Bill or William. Please help if you can.
Tim Williams

Patrick T said...

That was fun! Thanks!