Wednesday, April 11, 2012

COLLECTION #205: Vintage Acme Beer Salt Shaker

It's Orphan Wednesday! Today I have a single little item to share with you. Not because it is spectacular in any way. Not because it is valuable, rare, extremely old, or significant. In fact, in the world of antiques and collectibles it is quite unremarkable. But this little single tiny Acme beer bottle salt shaker (one of a pair, although I only have the single) marks a milestone in my life as a collector, for this is the first collectible I ever bought. It was 1966, and I was 15 years old. My first boyfriend was a hippie at heart, and very artistic and creative. He introduced me to the world of thrift stores and collecting 'old junk'. We frequented a place in Pasadena called Cy's Unclaimed Express. It was located it what is now called Pasadena Old Town, but back then, was just the run-down corner of Fair Oaks Ave. and Colorado Blvd. Our first foray bought me an old wool Army shirt, probably from WWI. On our second trip, I found this interesting little bottle. It stands about 3" high, and I was enchanted by the metallic gold edging, and the old-fashioned looking artwork. It took me several decades to finally discover that it was half of a salt and pepper shaker duo. The cap was gone, so I had no way of knowing that the cap had little holes for the salt.

I dragged this little bottle around with me through many moves in college. I have several photos of my old college apartments, and I can see that little bottle sitting on one of the crates I used for my shelves. I have had it in many houses through my marriage, and it's always had a place of honor on a kitchen or knicknack shelf. It's amazing to me that I've never lost or broken it. I'm sure the label has gotten more tattered. You can see the crazing on the finish in the close up view.
Photo from the internet, showing an original set.

I even did a layout in its honor awhile back. It was called "From Small & Simple Things". That's how I look at my little bottle. From this small thing came a lifelong love of interesting things that once belonged to someone else. Endlessly fascinating things that have enriched my life!

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