Sunday, April 29, 2012


The Labelman is Dwayne Rogers, who as a former agriculture inspector, began collecting produce crate labels in the late 1970s. He discovered that there were others out there, mostly in the agriculture business, who likewise had an interest in these colorful relics of the not-too-distant-past. At that time, it wasn't too difficult to find unused labels in agriculture warehouses, farms, and even print shops. Dwayne began collecting, trading, and began selling his labels at flea markets, street fairs, and eventually, eBay. I've bought some of my own labels from him.

Generally, I don't feature for-profit sites on my weekend collector feature, but I decided to make an exception, because the labels are generally very affordable, and he gives so much information about his labels. Not to mentioned, his collections are so vast and fascinating.

Stop by for a little taste of freshness, and a bit of a nostalgic look at days past.

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