Wednesday, April 4, 2012

COLLECTION #200: Ceramic Bunny Couple

Woo hoo! Today marks my 200th collection! I really wasn't sure I would reach this milestone, and what cuter collection to feature & add to my Easter treasures, is this adorable bunny couple? Wednesdays are 'orphan Wednesdays'...days where I feature the odd or singular object that don't fit with my more extensive collections... but since I have two of these sweet bunnies, we'll just call them orphans, ok?

I have no idea of the manufacturer or designer of our little love bunnies, there is felt on the bottoms and no other markings. I'll just take a wild guess and say they look like late '40s, early '50s to me. They have a matte finish, and fun brown stippling on their finish, probably from a sea sponge. I love the coy look of the li'l gal, she's definitely playing hard to get for our wide-eyed bunny boy.

I went out into our garden this morning, and picked some little pansies to put in their little baskets. I hope you like them!

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