Tuesday, April 17, 2012

COLLECTION #209: Vintage Alphabet Blocks

I have fond memories of playing with blocks when I was a little girl on the floor of my kindergarten class.  I don't recall having these kinds of wooden alphabet blocks at home... my older brother had some standard wooden blocks- the kinds with pillars and arches, but not alphabet blocks. But block playing was a huge part of my childhood. Making tall towers, buildings, houses... and then, of course, having some brother, or other boy, knock them down. A great part of the education of Real Life!

I did own a set of plastic alphabet/ nursery rhyme nesting blocks when I was a baby. I have managed to hold on to one single one: the green one shown here. I have a photo of myself in the tub at age 2 or so, playing with these blocks. I even did a layout a few years ago about this special treasure!

I picked up the set of German alphabet blocks about 35 years ago. I had every intention of having my future children play with them, but I never did. I just kept them on display and they never asked to play with them. Imagine that!

Did you play with blocks as a child? Were you a Lego or Duplo kid, or did you play with wooden blocks? Or some other kind?

It's fun and inexpensive to collect wooden blocks, and they make any vintage display look great!

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