Wednesday, May 23, 2012

COLLECTION #236: Vintage No. 1 Pocket Kodak Camera

It's 'Orphan Wednesday'! For today's orphan object, I'm sharing my Dad's camera, a vintage 'Pocket Kodak' folding camera. My research dates this camera's manufacture from 1926-1932, which seems to fall into the exact correct time frame: he graduated from high school in 1933, which means, if the family bought the camera new, he probably got it sometime during his high school years. (It's also likely that it was purchased as the family camera, and Dad inherited it when he went away to college. I'll probably never know exactly!) I have quite a few snapshots my Dad took during his college years,  and it seems safe to assume these black and white photos were taken with this camera. My Mom remembers Dad having the camera when they met in 1937. Somewhere along the road, probably while I was in college myself, I appropriated the camera. I think I had some illusions that I would use this antique camera to take my own photos, but by the time I got it, the bellows were already cracked and tearing, which would allow light into the camera. I was happy to merely display it with all of my worn and weathered 'stuff'. Here's a photo of the camera in my BYU apartment, 1974.

You can see the camera on the shelf at center left

I take complete responsibility for the dismal condition of the camera. I used to fold it up regularly, and I'm sure the fragile canvas bellows couldn't take the pressure of folding and unfolding. The entire right side of the bellows has rotted away. But, poor condition or no, this camera means the world to me. I hope you like looking at it! I'd love it if you'd leave a comment if you have any special camera memories to share!

Eugene Clark, my Dad, location unknown, ca 1937

My Dad, Brigham City Utah, ca 1933

One last thing- several years ago I created a layout about my Dad's camera, I'll share it with you:

(You can click on the layout for a closer view)

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