Monday, May 14, 2012

COLLECTION #229: Ephemera Extravaganza!

It's ephemera week on the Copycat Collector. I will be featuring miscellaneous vintage items of ephemera each day! I have quite a bit of interesting and mundane items, I hope you will stop by often to see what I might have in store for you.

Today's collection is just a great mishmash of paper items, which is really all ephemera is. Things that have very little monetary worth, and maybe only a modest amount of sentimental value. I have a little cardboard trunk full of all of this kind of 'stuff', and I add to it regularly. Sometimes vintage stores will have a bunch of this type of ephemera in a box, and you can just fish for items and pay a low bulk price. Mixed media artists often use these types of items on their collages, altered art, or even graphic arts projects. That's why I have collected much of it... thinking perhaps I could use it on an art project. I have used a few things, and still plan on using more through the years.

So, without further introduction, I present: paper stuff!

These two little cards are actually Bridge tallies. They each have a little cord on the corner.

Cute little wedding card- possibly a place card

This little book was used by my Mother-in-Law, to help her name her two children. 

A page from the baby naming book... my husband was named 'Bruce'. I'm so glad he wasn't called 'Cadwallader', or 'Cornelius'

These items make me a little sad. If you ever come across someone named Lois Pauline Yard, tell her I have her high school diploma, graduation program, and photo. I'll be happy to return them!

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Diane said...

Very interesting "stuff." Sorry to say I don't know Lois either.