Friday, May 4, 2012

COLLECTION #222: Vintage Silver Burdett Readers

These wonderful readers are from the Learning to Read series of early elementary readers published by Silver Burdett in 1945. Unlike many readers series, these books do not go all the way through elementary school, but cover the early reading years, kindergarten through third grade. My collection is incomplete.

The pre-primer and primer books feature the adorable Bill and Susan. I love Susan's fun braids with the extra twist, and Bill has a little mini-pompadour thing going on with his hair.

One of my favorite illustrations... I just want to jump right into this scene and live there.

Adorable illustrations by Corinne Malvern

The first couple of books are illustrated by talented artist Janice Holland, then new illustrators are added in, including my favorite, Corrine Malvern. As is typical, the first few books are centered on the main characters and their family, and subsequent books add folk tales,  stories from many lands, and other characters.

Politically incorrect tales of Mexico.

A lifestyle long gone

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