Tuesday, May 1, 2012

COLLECTION #219: Toy Accordions

Welcome to Toy Tuesday! Today's collection consists of three toy accordions. I already shared two of them in my toy musical instrument collection previously.  I finally found my favorite one in the garage, which brings my accordion number to three, which means they get their own day! Yay!

The misplaced accordion is my 1950s vintage Emenee accordion, complete with box in near mint condition. Don't you love the cool faux alligator printing?

Back in the 1950s, accordions had a huge resurgence in popularity, possibly due to Myron Floren, the famous accordionist who played for Lawrence Welk on his TV show. My brother took lessons during this time, and I can remember his fantastic version of "Lady of Spain" and other popular accordion tunes. It's my fault his accordion playing days ended, due to an unfortunate accident which I caused. But he is still alive, and now plays the piano instead. But I digress.

Technically, the Magnus instrument is a concertina, but we won't let such picky little details get in the way of showcasing my cute squeezeboxes.

The last one is an accordion I bought in Los Angeles' Olvera St. I don't know if it was made in Mexico or China, but it's cute, don't you think? Not very old, but I love that faux pearl marble finish, just like the 'professional' accordions of old.

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CraveCute said...

This is a very fine collection! Love your blog!