Thursday, May 31, 2012

COLLECTION #242: Vintage Photos of People In Costume

Real photo postcard of a trio of characters, location and date unknown. (looks like late '20s to me)

Now isn't this a funny category? I didn't even realize I had so many old photos of people in costume until I went to sort them last week. I guess when I go 'photo shopping' I like the interesting characters!

These photos are unknown to me, but I certainly wish I knew who these people are! If I know anything, I'll add the details under the photo.

Technically not 'costumes', but these California Brownies look adorable in their uniforms! Best guesstimate, late '40s, early '50s.

I love this cowgirl duo parading down the city street. 1930s.

Well, not exactly a costume, but you gotta love that Hawaiian lei... 1940s.

My favorite of my vintage photos. Love this little senorita, probably late1930s.

The caption on the back of this photo says she made this costume for an Oregon Trail festival. Looks like 1940s.

Our guitaristo serenades his senoritas. California, mid '30s.

Looks like an outdoor costume play. Best guesstimate: early '20s.

Don't you love this little 'Colonial' couple? Pretty hard to determine the date, but perhaps late 'teens, early '20s. 

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