Wednesday, May 30, 2012

COLLECTION #241: Vintage Art Deco Necklace

It's Orphan Wednesday! Today I am sharing one of my very favorite treasures. Back when I was in high school, probably in 1967 or so, my older sister Lynne, who was a counselor at MacLaren Hall (the Los Angeles County Home for Dependent Children), picked this necklace up at one of their rummage sales. She thought I might like it, and boy, did I! It is a lovely art deco costume jewelry piece, probably from the 1920s. It's made of what must be a bronze-like material. It has two lovely pieces of amber cut glass. I assume it's glass, because there is a large scratch on the bigger stone.  I love the pattern on the pendant, and love love love the wonderful chain. There is some lovely patina on it, and I love the dull, warm color of the whole piece. Many years ago, the large stone kept falling out through the back. The pieces that kept it in place would bend or move, and the stone would pop right out. I'm amazed that I was able to hang onto it until I eventually had it fixed so it couldn't come out.

I'm sure as a costume piece with no identification, and likely glass stones, it isn't worth much. But it's beyond value to me, so I share it with you today.

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