Wednesday, August 3, 2011

COLLECTION #24: Lori C. Mitchell Figures

Most of my collections are old things, but I do have the occasional modern collectible. These charming figures are designed by the talented artist Lori C. Mitchell. She sells both her original papier mache scuptures, and has licensed her art to the ESC Trading Co. for reproductions. (Of course, mine are the reproductions). I was introduced to Lori's work by my daughter Amy, who manages a charming boutique in Salt Lake City, where they sell many of her figures. Amy has given me some as gifts, and a couple of them I've bought myself. I think there will be a much bigger Lori Mitchell collection in the future! (Gee, why didn't I think to do this six months from now?)

I love them all, but do have a warm spot for the cowboy & cowgirl (since I love all things cowboy and cowgirl), and the elephant, which was Amy's first Lori Mitchell gift to me.

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Barbara said...

Those are cute. Never heard of them before.