Wednesday, August 31, 2011

COLLECTION #44: Green Pots

Perhaps my favorite of all my collections, my green pots are a motley crew. Not being able to afford the fine arts & crafts pottery that I really love, I have acquired a small collection of replicas, inexpensive pots from Cost Plus, and thrift store finds.

  I do have a few that are notable: the large pot on the far left, and the one with the ginko motif, are from the Frank Lloyd Wright gift shop in Oak Park, IL.
The lovely Roycroft bottle is from Roycroft Pottery in East Aurora, New York.
The pale green pot with the flying bird is from the Haeger Pottery Company, the oldest American art pottery company.
Frank Lloyd Wright Home/ Oak Park, IL

Frank Lloyd Wright Home/ Oak Park, IL

Roycroft Bottle, Roycroft Pottery, East Aurora, NY
 I have lots more, I'll feature them in future collections!  I'll also include a layout I did several years ago about my green pots... they just make me happy!

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